Creation for The Nation – CREFREE’97 – Audio Cassette


My first post on my new oasis collection blog is a very rare audio tape that I got free back in 1997 with an issue of NME magazine, it includes the Live Forever (Demo) which has never ever been given an official release on an oasis release.

The demo version of “Live Forever” begins with an acoustic guitar intro. While recording the album version, the record’s producer Owen Morris cut out this intro and replaced it with a drumbeat played by McCarroll. Morris further cut a second section in Gallagher’s guitar solo. Although Gallagher was upset, Morris felt the part had sounded “a bit like fucking Slash from Guns N’ Roses”.

It also features a track by another Oasis member, Andy Bell from his previous band Hurricane who were stablemates of Oasis at Creation back in the 90’s.





2 thoughts on “Creation for The Nation – CREFREE’97 – Audio Cassette

  1. Roger

    I had this and loved the track plus the Arnold track Twist which never appeared on any of their albums. Sadly I left the tape in a hot car one day and it deformed so bad it was trash. Never heard either track again.

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