Oasis – OASCTRKIDMC69XXX – Demo Cassette Reproduction (2014)


This is a reproduction of the original Demo cassette by Oasis and was released to coincide with the release of the Definitely Maybe – Chasing the Sun special edition.
Release Date – 12th April 2014


A1 Cloudburst 

A2 Columbia 

A3 D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? 

A4 Strange Thing 

B1 Bring It On Down 

B2 Married With Children 

B3 Fade Away 

B4 Rock & Roll Star
Replica of the original 1993 demo tape, ‘Live Demonstration’, (aka Union Jack Swirl), with new liner notes inside foldout sleeve, by Mark Coyle. 
“Recorded in Liverpool sometimes in ’93 except*” (* denoting A3 and B2) 

“For more information: Oasis, India House, Whitworth St. Manchester, M1 Tel: 061-2375427” 

“Special Thankx To Roger Moore & The Two Claggies” 
Plain cassette with printed handwritten labels on both sides saying “Oasis”, also featuring printed copyright note on both sides, not on the original. Strictly made to order for a limited time (February 26th to March 12th, 2014,) solely via the band’s official website. 
All songs are remastered and are the original demos, pre-signing from 1993. 

A1 is different to the white label demo version. 

A3 is exactly the same as the B-side on Oasis (2) – Shakermaker. 
A2, A4, B2 to B4 were included on the third disc of the 20th anniversary edition of Oasis (2) – Definitely Maybe, 

A1 and B1 remain exclusives to this release.


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