Oasis – OASCTRKIDMC69XXX – Demo Cassette Reproduction (2014)


This is a reproduction of the original Demo cassette by Oasis and was released to coincide with the release of the Definitely Maybe – Chasing the Sun special edition.
Release Date – 12th April 2014


A1 Cloudburst 

A2 Columbia 

A3 D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? 

A4 Strange Thing 

B1 Bring It On Down 

B2 Married With Children 

B3 Fade Away 

B4 Rock & Roll Star
Replica of the original 1993 demo tape, ‘Live Demonstration’, (aka Union Jack Swirl), with new liner notes inside foldout sleeve, by Mark Coyle. 
“Recorded in Liverpool sometimes in ’93 except*” (* denoting A3 and B2) 

“For more information: Oasis, India House, Whitworth St. Manchester, M1 Tel: 061-2375427” 

“Special Thankx To Roger Moore & The Two Claggies” 
Plain cassette with printed handwritten labels on both sides saying “Oasis”, also featuring printed copyright note on both sides, not on the original. Strictly made to order for a limited time (February 26th to March 12th, 2014,) solely via the band’s official website. 
All songs are remastered and are the original demos, pre-signing from 1993. 

A1 is different to the white label demo version. 

A3 is exactly the same as the B-side on Oasis (2) – Shakermaker. 
A2, A4, B2 to B4 were included on the third disc of the 20th anniversary edition of Oasis (2) – Definitely Maybe, 

A1 and B1 remain exclusives to this release.


Oasis – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down – Limited Edition DVD – RKIDDVD38X


Lord Don’t Slow Me Down is a rockumentary film, looking back on British rock band Oasis’ Don’t Believe the Truth world tour which took place from May 2005 to March 2006. The film is directed by Baillie Walsh. It went platinum in the UK.

A handful of fans-only private screenings took place around the world with the world premiere of the film at the Directors Guild Theater in New York City on 4 November 2006 as part of the CMJ Film Festival. The UK television premiere was on Channel 4 on 19 November, at 11:50pm, although it was a heavily edited version with approximately 40 minutes cut from the original 95 minute version. The film was unveiled to coincide with Oasis’ compilation album Stop the Clocks, released on 20 November 2006. A preview of the film was included on the Let There Be Love DVD single, released in November 2005.

The film features a new Oasis song also called “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down”, written by Noel Gallagher and recorded during the Don’t Believe the Truth sessions, Gallagher described it as being “one of the best things, like The Who, The Yardbirds and the Jeff Beck Group combined, and it’s got two drum solos on it!”. He has also said that his girlfriend thought it was the only Oasis song you could dance to. The song was left off Don’t Believe the Truth because Gallagher felt that including it would have meant he’d have been singing too many songs on the record. Italian footballer Alessandro Del Piero also appears in the video signing a shirt for Noel.

Lord Don’t Slow Me Down was released on DVD on 29 October 2007. The DVD set contents:
Disc One:
Documentary tour film Lord Don’t Slow Me Down in stereo and surround sound.

Bonus audio commentary featuring the members of the band

A Noel Gallagher Q&A session with the fans filmed in New York City in 2006

Disc Two:

Oasis live at City of Manchester Stadium on 2 July 2005 in HD with stereo and surround sound.

This concert has also been shown regularly on the HD music television channel, “Rave.”
“Fuckin’ in the Bushes”

“Turn Up the Sun”


“Cigarettes & Alcohol”

“The Importance of Being Idle”

“Little by Little”

“A Bell Will Ring”



“Live Forever”

“Mucky Fingers”


“Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”

“The Meaning of Soul”

“Don’t Look Back in Anger”

“My Generation”

Unique footage and pictures sent in by fans who attended the concert

Columbia (demo) – 12″ Vinyl  – Single Sided – HMV Limited Edition Release – RKID72T


This is a reproduction that Oasis released to celebrate the release of Definitely Maybe – Chasing The Sun Edition, in all HMV stores. It’s a reproduction of the highly sought after singled sided promo that oasis sent out to announce their record deal with creation in 1993. 

The original was limited to 510 copies and demands a very high price.

This reproduction is identical  apart from the catalogue label.

Also came with a voucher for £2 off definitely maybe 20th anniversary edition.